Pictures of a few of our installations.

Sunset over Tillamook

Photos I've taken of some of my installations

Please excuse the quality of these photos, most of them were taken during the install with my cell phone camera. Most can be clicked on to view the larger image, click again to go back.

View of Tillamook

This home has a nice view over downtown Tillamook,
this is where the above image was taken from.

This was a new home that was pre-wired for this dish installation, the cables go directly into the wall and are routed to the basement..

This is a precarious installation over Oceanside.

Dish at Oceanside Dish view over Oceanside

The view from behind the dish was stunning.

A Starband Internet dish installation at BSA Camp Clark.

Starband at Camp Clark View of Starband over Camp Clark

And a view from behind the Starband Internet dish at BSA Camp Meriwether.

Starband at Camp Meriwether Camp Meriwether view of ocean

More pictures later...